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Man’s Bowling Action Reminds Fans Of Muttiah Muralitharan

Bowler's strange bowling action reminds fans of Muttiah Muralitharan

Bowler’s strange bowling action reminds fans of Muttiah Muralitharan

A viral video showed a bowler’s unique bowling action which reminded fans of Sri Lankan legend Muttiah Muralitharan

Cricket fans have witnessed several peculiar bowling actions in the history of the sport. A video of one such strange bowling action has recently popped up on Twitter, taking fans by surprise. In the video, the bowler’s hand actions suggest that the ball would move towards the off-stumps but a weird turn right before delivery sends a stunner right down the middle of the pitch, hitting the wickets to dismiss the batter. “Unique bowling action,” read the tweet accompanying the video of the strange delivery.

The action has divided the fans on Twitter as some suggested that the bowling style is illegal according to cricket rules while others felt that the batter should have been a little more aware.

One of the fans made a joke about the rather peculiar bowling action, suggesting that he felt like his shoulder had dislocated just by watching the weird clip. “Yeah I feel like I dislocated my elbow just by watching this,” he wrote.

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Another fan felt that the batter was supposed to follow the ball instead of the bowling action. He replied, “Instead of following the hand and action, he should follow the ball”.

One of the replies questioned the legality of the delivery. The said Tweet read, “Isn’t his arm bent? That would be an illegal action”.

Another fan joked about the gesture would look similar to Sri Lankan bowling legend Muttiah Muralitharanaction if he were a medium pacer. He wrote, “If Muralitharan was a medium pacer.”

Several other replies on the Tweet read “illegal”.

Indian cricket has had its fair share of unique bowlers including the likes of Kedar Jadhav, Kamran Khan, Debasis Mohanty and Shivil Kaushik. Renowned more for his performances with the bat, Kedar boasts 27 ODI wickets in 73 matches for India.

His strange low-arm deliveries often flummoxed the opposing batters, resulting in their wickets. Debuting in the Indian Premier League season of 2009, Kamran Khan took six scalps in five games for Rajasthan Royals with his weird-looking left-arm action. Next up, on this list is Debasis Mohanty whose bowling action was so unique that it compelled the hands of the International Cricket Council (ICC) to design the CWC 1999 logo off it.

He flailed his hands and landed on the wrong foot before delivering a ball. Mohanty has played 45 ODIs for India and has scalped 57 wickets. The final entrant on this list is Shivil Kaushik who much renowned for his no-look delivery release that often took batters by surprise.

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