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Wimbledon expansion wins approval from local board

The All England Club’s plan to build an 8,000-seat stadium and 38 other courts at Wimbledon that would allow the Grand Slam to hold its qualifying tournament on site has won approval from a local planning council.

The expansion would take place on the former site of Wimbledon Park Golf Club, which the All England Club bought in 2018. The Merton Council’s planning committee approved the proposal on Thursday night, the council said on Friday.

Unlike the other three majors, qualifying for Wimbledon is currently held offsite — in nearby Roehampton.

The plan would allow up to 10,000 fans per day for the qualifying tournament. Club officials estimate the courts being ready by 2030 at the earliest.

The proposed stadium includes a retractable roof, giving Wimbledon a new show court.

The plan still faces local opposition as well as additional approvals. The planning committee of the Wandsworth Council is currently reviewing it.

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