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Western & Southern Open to remain in Cincinnati for another 25 years

The nation’s longest-running tennis tournament is staying in Cincinnati.

Amid speculation the tournament would move, Beemok Capital announced on Tuesday that the Western & Southern Open will be played just outside of Cincinnati for another 25 years.

“The passion and commitment of this community to keep the tournament here was an undeniable factor in our decision to stay,” Beemok Capital founder and CEO Benjamin Navarro said in a statement. “The city of Mason, Warren County, the state of Ohio and multiple corporate entities demonstrated their unwavering support for the tennis tournament. This tournament and its history are special. We’re excited to add to its legacy and create a world-class tennis experience for players and fans.”

Founded in 1899, the Western & Southern Open is the longest-running professional tennis tournament played in its city of origin. It is one of the world’s largest nine tournaments where men and women compete at the same time.

Beemok Capital acquired the tournament from the USTA in 2022 and looked at relocating the tournament, perhaps to Charlotte, North Carolina. With the tournament staying, Beemok is finalizing plans to make significant investments in facilities and fan experience.

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