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Watch: Comedy of errors during Bangladesh-Zimbabwe 4th T20I | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Cricket is a very serious and intense game. But hilarious incidents and bloopers make it funny as well. Misfields, run outs, dropped catches, all unintentional make it fun to watch and lighten the mood.
A similar incident happened during the 4th T20I between Bangladesh and Zimbabwe at Dhaka on Friday.
On the second ball in the last over of the Bangladesh innings, Blessing Muzarabani bowled a slower ball on the stumps to Tanvir Islam who defended to the right of Muzarabani who missed to run Mustafizur Rahman out.
The ball went to third man and the batters went for a second run, but Mustafizur had run a long way, so it became an easy run-out at the bowler’s end.
As the throw came from third man to the non-striker’s end, Jonathan Campbell fumbled, but still had the time to run Mustafizur out, but he under-armed from a few metres away and still missed!
Campbell could have just dived and taken off the stumps but missed from such a close distance.
Neither the Zimbabwean players nor the commentators could believe what a funny incident they had just witnessed.

Bangladesh went on to win the match by five runs.
Bangladesh had already clinched the series after winning the first three matches.
Zimbabwe wrap up their tour with the fifth and final match of the series in Dhaka on Sunday.

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