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Wary Broadcasters Likely to Raise 2024 T20 World Cup Worries With ICC Next Month

Months before they get a crack at their first big tournament – the 2024 T20 World Cup – in the new International Cricket Council (ICC) media rights cycle (2024-2027), the mood in the broadcasters’ camp is expectedly dull.

With no progress on the venue situation in the United States, who are co-hosts along with the West Indies, the broadcasters frustratingly wait for clarity with less than nine months to go for the tournament. Something as simple as the recce of venues hasn’t been possible for ICC’s stakeholders yet.

The ICC wants to host 17 fixtures in the USA, including the India vs Pakistan clash in New York, but the ambitious “modular plan” for NYC has already hit roadblocks. It is reliably learnt that either Disney or Sony/Zee (or both) is likely to raise the issue at the global cricketing body’s meeting in Mumbai during the World Cup next month.

CricketNext reached out to broadcasters on the current infrastructure situation in the USA and the time zone disconnect, especially for big India matches. However, there has been no response on the record from them. The story will be updated the moment anyone responds.

2024 T20 WC: ICC Ignoring Own Checklist to Accommodate ‘Modular Plan’ for Matches in USA

Disney shelled out a whopping USD 3 billion (approximately Rs 24,000 crores) for the Indian market and later licensed part of its rights to Zee Entertainment Enterprises, which got into a merger with Sony, to share the financial burden.

Between 2024 and 2027, there are four men’s ICC events – 2024 T20 World Cup, 2025 Champions Trophy, 2026 T20 World Cup and 2027 World Cup – and four women’s events – T20 2024 T20 World Cup, 2025 World Cup, 2026 T20 World Cup and 2027 Champions Trophy.

Lack of infra in USA, facilities in West Indies

If only the men’s tournaments are taken into account, the infrastructure situation in the USA, concerns in the West Indies and the time zone difference from Indian prime time are adding to broadcasters’ woes at the moment.

Even during India’s tour of the West Indies earlier this year, Hardik Pandya had rued lack of necessities in the region.

“We don’t ask for luxury but we need some basic necessities taken care of. Things can be better when we come to the West Indies next time. From travelling to managing a lot of things. Last year also, some hiccups happened,” Pandya had said after the ODI series.


To make matters worse, there are not many cricketing facilities in the USA to talk about at the moment. The current venues in Lauderhill and Dallas – the only venues which have hosted some cricket in the last 6 months — are more than 10 hours behind Indian Standard Time (IST) and the time zone issue is going to be a major one for the broadcaster who is banking on the Indian audience.

ICC: Ignoring Phishing Scams To Commissioning ‘Secret’ Reviews, Whose Money Is It Any Way?

An industry expert tracking developments feels hosting as many as 17 games in the USA, including the big-ticket India vs Pakistan fixture, is not going to do broadcasters any good.

“Look at the time difference. The broadcaster will not benefit from having India-Pakistan or even big matches in the USA. And let’s not forget they are one of the most important stakeholders there. The recent media rights deal has filled ICC coffers and it will not be fair on them if the global body turns a blind eye towards them. Their concerns must be heard and addressed,” says an industry expert.

2025 Champions Trophy in Pakistan

Even if the ICC pulls off a miracle with their modular plans in the USA for the 2024 T20 World Cup, they are in for a serious headache when the 2025 Champions Trophy approaches. Pakistan were allotted hosting rights for the 2025 edition of the Champions Trophy but it remains doubtful to be played there.

India refused to travel to Pakistan for the ongoing Asia Cup, which was eventually played in a hybrid model and is likely to stick to the stance for the Champions Trophy too. Even if a hybrid model is worked out for CT too, it is going to be a logistical nightmare for the broadcasters and other stakeholders.

ICC Wants To Host 2024 T20 WC IND vs PAK Clash in New York, But Where?

“Champions Trophy remains doubtful to be played in Pakistan. India maintained the tough chance of not travelling to Pakistan for the Asia Cup and it’s likely to be the case for CT too. What will happen if that happens? Either the ICC would be forced to move the tournament out of Pakistan or work out an arrangement like the Asia Cup. Whatever happens, it is going to give the broadcasters some serious headaches,” says a source tracking developments.

With so many whats, ifs, buts and hows around two big tournaments, the ICC must find solutions to keep the Indian market as the top priority. It’s the region which generates the majority of their broadcast revenues and is extremely critical for the financial health of the global cricketing body.

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