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‘Virat Kohli’s strike rate has increased because of…’: Kevin Pietersen | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Virat Kohli‘s slog sweep fetched a lot of runs for him in the IPL 2024 but the star RCB batter perished to a same shot while failing in execution against Rajasthan Royals in the Eliminator on Wednesday.
Kohli (33 off 24) appeared poised for a substantial innings, but his stay was cut short in the eighth over by the crafty Yuzvendra Chahal.
Chahal managed to get the RCB mainstay caught at deep midwicket, where substitute fielder Donovan Ferreira took an impressive catch above his head.
Following his dismissal, former England batter Kevin Pietersen has come up with a suggestion for Kohli saying the former RCB captain should continue playing slog-sweep that helped him increase his strike-rate.
“You got to keep playing. You got to understand that sometimes, you’re taking that risk, it’s a risk for a reason,” Pietersen said on-air.
“You got to keep playing it. It has elevated his game, and his strike rate. He had been struggling. It was something people had been concerned about in the middle overs.”
The former English skipper also had a message for Kohli regarding the T20 World Cup, emphasizing that the batter should not abandon this shot when he transitions to playing for India.
“Kohli would be livid with himself with that dismissal. He would have wanted to build something impressive here this evening on the big occasion. You got to keep playing it. His strike rate has increased significantly this season because of that shot.
“He doesn’t need to park it. He’s got to keep playing that shot all the way through June,” said Pietersen.

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