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Tyson Fury tries to provoke Francis Ngannou at weigh-in before Saudi Arabia fight

Tyson Fury compared himself to Novak Djokovic after going face-to-face with Francis Ngannou at their weigh-in on Friday.

The towering Brit dismissed the punching threat posed by Ngannou, a former UFC star who will make his professional boxing debut Saturday at age 37.

“It’s like a table tennis champion facing Djokovic in the Wimbledon final — totally different,” the WBC heavyweight champion said.

The 35-year-old Fury weighed in at 277.7 pounds while his Cameroonian opponent was 272.1 pounds after both men stepped on the scale in street clothes.

Moments later, Fury pushed his forehead into Ngannou, who responded with a chest bump to give himself some space.

“I have played this game so long. This can’t get to me. It’s part of the game,” Ngannou said of Fury’s antics.

Both fighters predicted a quick conclusion on Saturday.

“We’re going to take a couple of minutes at the beginning, but I think this fight will end very quick,” Ngannou said.

Fury, the self-described “Gypsy King,” will earn a reported $50 million paycheck for the fight in the Saudi Arabian capital.

It’s a 10-round fight and will count as an official bout, according to the WBC. Fury’s belt will not be at stake, though, on the off-chance he is beaten.

“I’m going to make it nice and short for him,” Fury said.

Fury said he’ll take a week off afterwards before discussing a fight with O

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