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‘They will win you the trophy’: Mohammad Kaif’s advice to RCB for IPL success | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Former Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif has offered insightful advice to Royal Challengers Bengaluru, suggesting that the franchise should prioritize investing in Indian players if they aim to clinch the Indian Premier League trophy in the future.
Speaking on Star Sports, Kaif lauded RCB’s recent resurgence in the tournament despite facing six consecutive losses earlier in the season, stating, “They played so badly.To lose six consecutive matches, which meant they were winless for a month in the tournament. That’s why they fell far behind in the standings…The comeback must be applauded. But their chances of making the playoffs are very slim.”
Kaif emphasized the need for RCB to learn from their experiences, noting, “This is a lesson for RCB for next year. You have to back Indian players.”
He continued by pointing out the success stories of other IPL teams, stating, “KKR have invested in Indian players and they are on top, so are Rajasthan Royals.”
Kaif urged RCB to shift their focus towards nurturing Indian talent, stating, “RCB should bring in Indian players. Do scouting, bring them in and back them.”
Kaif also cautioned against RCB’s reliance on foreign players, stating, “They have an obsession about foreign players…RCB now have learnt how to win without stars like Maxwell. It should serve as a lesson for them.”
Kaif stressed the need for RCB to adopt a proactive approach in grooming Indian talent, emphasizing, “They should invest in them, they will win them the trophy. KKR did it, RR did it. Take examples of Yashasvi Jaiswal, Dhruv Jurel. And Sanju Samson – RR invested a lot on him and now they are reaping the rewards. So, RCB should identify Indian players and back them.”

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