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T20s will become more and more about impact: David Miller | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: South African batsman David Miller believes that strike rate will be the primary measure of success in T20 cricket and that averages will eventually become irrelevant for someone with his level of impact.
Miller has done a fantastic job filling in as the finisher for both the Gujarat Titans and his country’s squad over the last few years.
This IPL season, the hitters have elevated the power game to a new level, igniting a debate about strike rate with seven scores above 250.
“We’ve seen some high scores this year. And it’s been incredible batting by a few teams and few individual players in this IPL. And look, I always see everyone judges a batter on the average,” Miller told PTI Videos.
“But in T20 cricket, it can be difficult to judge someone purely on that. The top three batters, definitely you can because of the number of overs they get to bat. When it comes to the middle order, it has always been the strike rates and what kind of impact the batter has had in the game.
“I suppose as we move forward, it becomes more and more about impact. How impactful are you in the game? Depending on the situation. If we’re needing 15 an over, can you do it? And that’s, I think, what guys are going to have to select teams on their match-winning ability,” said the 34-year-old.
In reference to the T20 World Cup that takes place next month, Miller anticipates hard matches against players like Jasprit Bumrah.
“There are so many good Indian players. But me being a batter facing the bowlers, Bumrah is bowling well at the moment. And he has been a world-class bowler for many years. He’s a threat to me, as well as every other batter in the World Cup,” said the southpaw.
He also heaped admiration on GT batter Sai Sudharsan, who is currently having one of his best IPL seasons.
“He’s an incredibly talented player. Still got a long career ahead of him. I’ve enjoyed watching him play. I love the way that he preps. And just the build-up to games and how he goes about it. He’s a very level-headed young boy that’s got a lot of talent,” said Miller.
Miller and South Africa will have the chance to win an elusive global championship in the World Cup in the Americas. The hitter, who can hit hard, is eager to take on the challenge.
“This team that we have at the moment has played a lot of cricket together the last couple of years and has a lot of confidence and a lot of success.
“We’ve got a lot of experience, guys that have been under pressure before and come through successfully. So, putting all the individuals together in a T20 World Cup, I have no doubt that we most certainly going to give it our best shot. We have the players to do it, the skill to do it.”
On his own performances in ICC events, Miller added: “I love World Cups, I must be honest. I feel like I’ve done well at World Cups, personally. And I just want to continue the momentum.
“For you to say, finally, Killer Miller coming to life, I think I’ve done pretty well at previous World Cups.”
(With PTI inputs)

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