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‘Somebody will write something, and it turns into a controversy’: MS Dhoni explains his approach to social media | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Former Indian and Chennai Super Kings (CSK) captain MS Dhoni recently shared his thoughts on his preferred social media platform and the reasons behind his limited presence on these platforms.
In a video on Dubai Eye 103.8 Youtube Channel, Dhoni expressed his preference for Instagram over Twitter, citing the latter’s tendency to spark controversies in India.


Dhoni explained, “I prefer Instagram over Twitter.Twitter, I believe that nothing good has happened over Twitter. You know, especially in India, there is always a controversy. Somebody will write something, and it turns into a controversy. I was like, you know, why do I need to be there? You know, it used to be 140 characters. You cannot elaborate. Imagine me putting something over there, and then it is left up to the people to read it, and they just interpret what they want to interpret.”
The veteran cricketer further elaborated on his approach to social media, stating that he prefers to maintain a low profile on Instagram. Dhoni believes that fewer distractions in life are better, but he occasionally shares updates with his fans through social media posts.
“So, I’m like, no, no, that’s not really for me. Instagram still, I like it because, you know, I could put up my picture or a video or something and just leave it. That is also changing now. So I still prefer Instagram, but I am not very active because, I don’t know, I feel, you know, less distractions are better, but in between, on and off, I will put something for the fans, you know, so that they know, okay, I am somewhere good, you know, in good hands. So I am doing what I like,” he added.

Despite undergoing knee surgery last year, Dhoni showcased impressive performances in the ongoing IPL season, amassing 161 runs at an average of 53.67 and a strike rate of 220.55 in 14 matches.
CSK’s bowling consultant, Eric Simons, praised Dhoni’s cricketing abilities and his impact on the team, highlighting his self-belief, never-say-die attitude, and ability to simplify the game for his teammates.
As uncertainty surrounds Dhoni’s future in the IPL, fans eagerly await his decision regarding his participation in the next edition of the tournament.
(Inputs from ANI)

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