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‘Small disagreements…’: Shaheen Afridi brushes aside rumours of discontent within Pakistan team | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Pakistan fast bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi has firmly denied any discontent or disharmony within the squad regarding the leadership issue.
Babar Azam has been reinstated as the national team captain, replacing Shaheen, who had led the team in only one series before being removed from the position.
Speaking on the PCB podcast on Friday, Shaheen emphasised that unity is essential for winning any major event.He acknowledged that “minor disagreements” occur in every team but insisted they shouldn’t be taken seriously.
“Sometimes, small disagreements happen in every family, even among brothers. But there’s nothing like that in our team,” Afridi said.
“Our players listen to each other, and we listen to them too. Our job is to play cricket and bring joy to our nation.”
Shaheen insisted that every player understands their duty to play with intent, focus, and unity, while avoiding any internal conflicts that could disrupt their performance.
“We aim to play with unity, and this is not the time for arguments or disputes. It’s the time for everyone to be on the same page,” he further added.
Pakistan will begin their T20 World Cup journey against the USA on June 6.
The left-arm speedster also dismissed concerns about his workload, form, and fitness, expressing satisfaction with his bowling performance in Ireland. He also praised the team’s resilience in rallying to win the series after losing the opening match.
“I am bowling with rhythm and pace, and I am enjoying my spells. Unfortunately, nowadays in T20 cricket, every bowler ends up having a bad day in one match or another. That is the nature of the challenges bowlers face now,” he stated.
(With PTI inputs)

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