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Sania Mirza to do commentary during 2023 French Open

“The role of a broadcaster might well give an opportunity for the fans to know me in a different light after being used to seeing me for so many years as a player”, six-time Grand Slam winner Sania Mirza said in an exclusive interaction with Sportstar via a video-conference on Wednesday.

The 36-year-old Sania, who will be the tennis ambassador for Sony Sports Network and commentate on the forthcoming French Open, said that it would be a fresh role but one very close to her heart as it would help her stay connected with the game.

“Playing the sport was always a bigger challenge though being a broadcaster has its own excitement and buzz too. I hope my stint as a broadcaster would help the cause of promoting young talent and emergence of another big name in Indian women’s tennis too,” said the former World No.1 in women’s doubles.

“In this part of the world, there are many who watch the sport, especially the Grand Slams and I hope more the viewership, the more will play the sport too,” she added.

For someone who set an example with her demanding training schedule, Sania said the preparations for her new role have been pretty good and that she would be in the company of those who have played the sport. “I know most of the girls playing in the circuit now and I have played against most of them too. I am sure I can give a lot of insight, share my knowledge and experiences,” she said.

Sania, known for her fearless and frank opinion on any subject, hoped to be like that and express her thoughts freely on-air. “It is very exciting for sure. Everyone who knows me, knows I speak as honestly as possible,” the Hyderabadi added.

Sania also hinted that it could be a long journey in the world of broadcasting. “It is close to second best to playing. I played with most of them, to be able to give insights, still feel very much part of the tennis fraternity,” she said. “It is an opportunity to be involved in the game,” she said.

“I am sure it will be tempting (to play again). I don’t know,” Sania said in a lighter vein when asked whether she might be tempted to play again once she starts the role of broadcaster.

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