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‘One-sided affair if Pakistan play India in World Cup semi-final’: Mohammad Kaif | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Pakistan’s back-to-back wins against Bangladesh and New Zealand gave their faltering campaign a much-needed impetus and boosted their chances of qualifying for the semi-finals of the World Cup.
The fourth and final spot in the top four is currently contested by three teams: New Zealand, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Should the 1992 champions successfully secure a spot in the semifinals, they would face off against India, as the hosts have secured the leading position in the standings.

The first-ranked team will be up against the fourth-placed team while the second and third-ranked teams will square off against each other.

Former India batter Mohammad Kaif feels Pakistan have a chance to reach the semifinals but their match against India, as history suggests, will turn out to be a one-sided affair.
“They can reach but it will be a one-sided affair. I am opening the pages of history, what has happened. India have defeated them easily. However, Pakistan have the chance. If they play a good match and defeat England, the net-run-rate issue will be there, so they can reach there with a big win,” Kaif said during a discussion on Star Sports.

World Cup 2023: Circumstances in which India and Pakistan can clash in the semi-finals?

Pakistan play their last league match against England on November 11, after New Zealand conclude their round-robin campaign against Sri Lanka on November 9.
If New Zealand lose to Sri Lanka and Pakistan win against England, Pakistan will move to 10 points, surpassing New Zealand’s 8 points. However, Pakistan would also hope for Australia and South Africa to defeat Afghanistan to prevent them from reaching 10 points.

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If Afghanistan win one of their remaining matches, both Pakistan and Afghanistan will have 10 points, and the net run rate will determine the semi-finalist. In the unlikely event that Afghanistan beat both Australia and South Africa, they will reach 12 points and secure a spot in the semis.

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