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Lexington: Loose Horse On Interstate Caught, Doing Well  – Horse Racing News


Photo courtesy Lexington-Fayette Animal Care and Control.

A Thoroughbred filly that wreaked havoc on I-75 near the Clays Ferry Bridge in Lexington on Sunday, Sept. 24 is safely in her new home in Paris, Ky. 

Fast Betty Blue 19 didn’t race, but she showed she still had some speed after she came out of a trailer while heading to her new home with Kassidie Hulse, manager of TK Stables. 

Hulse had worked with the horse as a yearling and agreed to take her in once her racing connections determined she wasn’t going to see the track. 

Fast Betty took a bit of a scenic tour through traffic before she was finally caught and loaded into a trailer to head to Hulse

Hulse says the mare has some minor scrapes, but is otherwise healthy and well. 


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