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KKR vs SRH: “I’m not Bollywood actor”

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) mentor Gautam Gambhir broke the silence on why he doesn’t like to smile during the matches. The former India cricketer mentioned that people don’t come to watch him smile as they support him because they want him to win the games.

Gautam Gambhir is one of the fiercest characters on the cricket field. The Kolkata Knight Riders mentor has always been in a serious mood when the game is going on and is actively involved in it. Several fans have taken a jibe at the former India cricketer for not even smiling as well.

Gautam Gambhir, who was known as an aggressive player during his playing days, is still in the same mindset even after taking the coaching setup of the teams in the Indian Premier League. His fiercest character was visible during the last season when he was the mentor of the Lucknow Super Giants.

Gautam Gambhir had a brutal spat with Virat Kohli after the game between the Lucknow Super Giants and the Royal Challengers Bengaluru. The two greats of Indian cricket made headlines for quite a while after the incident as it depicted their passion for the game.

Gautam Gambhir ahead of the Indian Premier League 2024 joined Kolkata Knight Riders as the mentor of the team. His arrival completely changed the fortunes of the team as they ended the league stage at the top of the table with 9 wins under their belt and just three losses in the league.

Gautam Gambhir has instilled a new attitude in the team and has allowed the players to be fearless. The results of that are for everyone to see as Kolkata Knight Riders will be taking on Sunrisers Hyderabad in Qualifier 1 of the Indian Premier League 2024.

Gautam Gambhir while talking about the talks related to his intense mood, stated that he’s not an entertainment and his job is to perform art and come into the winning dressing room. Speaking to Ravichandran Ashwin on his YouTube channel, he explained: 

“You know, he doesn’t smile, he doesn’t laugh, he is always intense, he’s always grumpy, he’s always walking on the edge, he always has the game face on. People don’t come to watch me smile, they come to watch me win. 

“That’s the kind of profession we are in, I can’t help it. I’m not in entertainment, I’m not a Bollywood actor, not in corporate, I’m a cricketer. I’m into performing art. My job is that I want to come back in a winning dressing room.”

Do everything possible within the spirit of the game to try and beat the opposition – Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir while talking about the same stated that he has the right to fight for his players and himself and he will keep doing it and all he is focused on is to beat the opposition. He added: 

“Unfortunately or fortunately, a winning dressing room is a happy dressing room a winning dressing room. And I have all the right to fight for myself, and for my teammates and do everything possible within the spirit of the game to try and beat the opposition that is all I have learned how to do and I will do till the last day of my life.”

Gautam Gambhir who has won two titles as skipper of KKR would be hoping to bring glory to the team as a mentor as well.

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