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KKR CEO downplays Rohit Sharma’s viral conversation with Abhishek Nayar as ‘mischief’ | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Kolkata Knight Riders CEO Venky Mysore played down the significance of the conversation between Rohit Sharma and Abhishek Nayar, which suggested that it could be the former MI captain’s final season with the franchise.
In a podcast with RevSportz, Mysore cleared the air over the issue saying both Rohit and Nayar have been good friends for a long time and it was the deliberate attempt to create mischief.
“I didn’t even know about it, I think it’s just a storm in a teacup. They have been good friends since god knows how long and someone has done something there just to create some mischief. I talked to both of them, they were talking about something else. Some people just have too much time on their hands,” he said.

KKR initially posted the video of the conversation on their social media channels but later removed it. This has sparked speculation among fans about Rohit potentially leaving MI. If he does decide to depart, the question arises: where might he go next?
Though the noise in the video is not clear due to constant cheering by fans for Rohit in the background, he can be heard saying, “Ek ek cheez change ho raha hai…Woh unke upar hai…Jo bhi hai woh mera ghar hai bhai, woh temple jo hai na maine banwaya hai.” The last audible line in the chat is “Bhai mera kya mera to ye last hai”.
Though the rest of the conversation is not audible, fans were quick to react to it and speculated that Rohit was talking about the MI captaincy and some fans even alleged that KKR had deleted the video after uploading it on X.
Rohit and Nayar go back a long way from their Mumbai domestic cricket days and are good friends. Nayar is also credited with playing a big role in Rohit’s comeback into the Indian team after 2011 ODI World Cup snub.

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