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IPL 2024: “Try to play Test cricket”

Former India captain and chief selector Dilip Vengsarkar highlighted the importance of Test cricket for youngsters. He stated that if one can develop himself into a good Test player, he can become a good player in all three formats. 

Even after the huge popularity of the T20 leagues around the world, Test cricket still remains the pinnacle of the game. The longest format of the game tests the players inside out as apart from their skills with the bat and ball, the character of players also gets tested. 

Test cricket arguably is the best format of the game as it keeps both batters as well as bowlers in the game. While it’s all about sixes and fours in the white-ball format, red-ball cricket tests the skills of players as defending is the need of the hour and run-scoring is quite hard. 

Test cricket remains the top priority for some big players in the game Virat Kohli, Steve Smith, Kane Williamson, Joe Root, and others. It’s fair to say that it’s because of them that the longest format of the game is still alive as they are giving their everything for it and love to feature in whites. 

Former India selector Dilip Vengsarkar talked about the importance of Test cricket, saying that people are overawed with the success of IPL. He urged the young players to take up Test cricket as it will help them become match-winners. Speaking at an event to launch cricket coach Jwala Singh’s book, titled Pathway to Cricketing Excellence and Beyond, he explained: 

“Parents are overawed with the success of IPL, its teams and players. The bowlers also have a big role to play not just in the IPL but also in Test cricket, they can be match-winners. Try to play Test cricket for your country, if you are a good Test cricketer you can play other formats of the game.”

You will be rated only by what you have done for the country in Test cricket – Dilip Vengsarkar 

Dilip Vengsarkar further added that young players will be only remembered for what they will do for their country in Test cricket. He admitted that the Indian Premier League is good in terms of entertainment and finances but the longest format of the game is ultimate. Talking about the same, he elaborated: 

“You will be rated only by what you have done for the country in Test cricket. IPL is a good format, it is good entertainment and it also meets the finances, which is also very important but Test match cricket is the ultimate.” 

India’s cricket team have been blessed with quite a few players who have been playing Test cricket with great interest. The likes of young players in Yashasvi Jaiswal, Shubham Gill, and others are seen as the future. Even though they are earning huge amounts of money from IPL but they are keen to keep the Test cricket first.

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