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India to play only one warm-up game in New York ahead of T20 World Cup: Report | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: The Indian cricket team will participate in only one warm-up game preceding the Twenty20 World Cup in the US and the West Indies. This decision, a break from the customary two warm-up matches, has sparked speculation regarding the rationale behind the change.
According to a report on Cricbuzz, the BCCI has stipulated that the solitary warm-up encounter must be held in New York, where the team will be stationed.Despite proposals from the ICC and Cricket West Indies for a warm-up game in Florida, Indian players, fatigued from extensive travel and the demanding Indian Premier League, have expressed reluctance to embark on additional journeys.
The significance of India’s warm-up matches is underscored by their high commercial value, often televised to capitalize on monetization opportunities. In 2015, an India-Australia warm-up clash in Adelaide was broadcast exclusively in India.
While the ICC is expected to unveil the schedule in the coming days, it’s noteworthy that most teams, barring Pakistan and England, are slated to play two warm-up encounters each.
Given the impending World Cup commencement on June 1, the warm-up games are likely to be scheduled for May 25-26. The Indian team’s departure to New York, initially planned for May 21 post the IPL league stage, has been adjusted to occur in two batches on May 25 and 26, respectively, to accommodate players participating in the IPL final on May 26.
India’s campaign in New York commences with league matches against Ireland, Pakistan, and the United States on June 5, 9, and 12, respectively. The culmination of the league phase against Canada will occur in Florida on June 15, following which the team will journey to the West Indies for the Super Eight phase.

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