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‘I hope he…’: Michael Hussey on MS Dhoni’s retirement call | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Mahendra Singh Dhoni is still batting well, so Michael Hussey, the batting coach for the Chennai Super Kings, hopes the charismatic player will stick around for a few more years.
A day before the 2024 season officially began, the 42-year-old Dhoni shocked everyone by resigning as team captain. The side was turned over to Ruturaj Gaikwad.
“We are hoping he does keep going.He is still batting so well. He does prepare well – he gets into the camp very early and hits a lot of balls. He has been in good touch all season really,” Hussey said on ESPN’s Around the Wicket show.
“I guess we just got to try to manage him from the body side of things. He had a knee surgery after the last season. So, he has been managing that from the initial stage of the tournament.
“I hope he keeps going for another couple of years. But we will just have to wait and see. He is the only one who will make that call. And, he likes to sort of build the drama a little bit as well. So, I wouldn’t expect a decision anytime soon.”
This season, Dhoni, who captained the team to five IPL titles, has been batting quite low in the order, occasionally at number eight, and has barely faced a few deliveries.
Hussey stated that considering Dhoni’s recent knee surgery, his workload is being adequately handled.
“That [knee surgery] is why we have had to manage him a little bit, and he only comes in at the back end. But, there has been no one better in being able to come in and hit the ball so cleanly from ball one than MS. He has been phenomenal,” he added.

According to the Australian, Dhoni desired to remain throughout the transitional period as Gaikwad assumed the captaincy.
“MS sort of announced that he was not going to be attending the pre-tournament captains’ meeting. And we’re like, ‘Oh, no. What’s going on?’. He said Ruturaj was going to be captain from then on.
“So, it was a little bit of a shock to start with, but it has been managed really well. We have sort of known for a little while that he was the right man to take over the job when MS decided to step aside.
“He wanted to still be here while the new captain took over, to try to help him along the way and sort of mentor him a little bit,” said Hussey.
Gaikwad has led CSK to a respectable performance. Currently ranked third in the standings, the squad has a good chance of qualifying for the playoffs.
“He has done a great job. He has been really calm and measured on the field. He will just get better and better. The more he does it and the more support we keep around him. The pleasing thing is, it has not affected his batting at all either,” Hussey was effusive in his praise for Gaikwad.
(With PTI inputs)

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