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‘He might be hurt with Hardik’s trade’: Kris Srikkanth deciphers Jasprit Bumrah’s cryptic post | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: As Jasprit Bumrah‘s ‘silence is sometimes the best answer’ Instagram story went viral on social media on Tuesday, 1983 World Cup winner Kris Srikkanth decoded the post, suggesting that the star Mumbai Indians pacer might not be happy with the Hardik Pandya‘s trade.
With Hardik’s returning to Mumbai after spending a couple of years at Gujarat Titans, Srikkanth said that Bumrah would have been hurt as the 29-year-old may have harboured captaincy aspirations.
Speaking on his official YouTube channel, Srikkanth praised Bumrah and said that one cannot find another cricketer like him.
“He’s is the best bowler in the world currently, be it Tests or white-ball cricket, not to forget his World Cup performance. He was even the stand-in captain against England in the fifth Test last year,” Srikkanth said.
“He might be regretting. It could be his ego, or he might be hurt by the fact that he stayed back at MI and gave his all, but the team is bringing back someone who had left and celebrating him. He feels it’s not fair.”
Srikkanth also spoke about a similar situation with Ravindra Jadeja and Chennai Super Kings a couple of seasons back and sensed that MI would be doing the same with Bumrah and Pandya.
“It was the same case with Ravindra Jadeja at CSK. However, the team management and the captain (MS Dhoni) stepped in to sort out the situation.
“Similarly, I feel that the MI team management will have a sit-down with Bumrah, Pandya and Rohit (Sharma) to sort things out. Championships can only be won as a team,” Srikkanth added.
While he backed Bumrah as a possible candidate to lead the five-time champions, he affirmed that the situation was not a miscommunication and that something had happened internally.
“Even I would be hurt if something like that happened to me. Following Hardik Pandya’s return, Bumrah can think, ‘I am from Gujarat, I could have captained that team’.
“I’m not sure if it’s miscommunication. I have interacted with Bumrah, a very down-to-earth person, and a fantastic human being. If he is getting aggravated, obviously, something must have happened.
“It’s quite possible that he was looking to lead MI, especially with the T20 World Cup coming up (next year),” Srikkanth concluded.
(With inputs from PTI)

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