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‘He had never asked me a single question’: Gautam Gambhir hails Shah Rukh Khan as ‘best owner’ | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Kolkata Knight Riders’ mentor Gautam Gambhir recently praised Shah Rukh Khan as the best owner he has ever worked with during his tenure with the franchise. Gambhir, who led KKR for seven years, returned to the team in a managerial role before the ongoing season.
Under Gambhir’s mentorship, KKR has regained their form and reached new heights this season. The former captain revealed that he and Shah Rukh Khan never discuss cricket, which came as a surprise to many.


“It is the trust of the owner as well I have said it many times in the past I think SRK is the best owner I have ever worked with. The reason is not because now I am back with the KKR. The reason is that in the seven years of me captaining, we had not spoken 70 seconds about cricket. He had never asked me a single question on cricket in those seven years. Can you imagine?” Gambhir said on Ravichandran Ashwin‘s YouTube channel.
KKR struggled last year, finishing seventh with 12 points. However, since Gambhir’s return, the team has rediscovered their fighting spirit and topped the table for the first time in the tournament’s history.
Gambhir mentioned that even after his return, he and Shah Rukh have not discussed cricket. He shared an anecdote from their first meeting in 2011, which marked the only time they talked about the sport.

“Since I have come, 20 days we haven’t spoken about cricket. We don’t talk about cricket. The first thing he told me in 2011 when I met him for the first time he said I don’t like anybody telling me how acting needs to be done. I am sure you will not like someone telling you how cricket needs to be played. I said absolutely and that was the only conversation I had with him. In the last 20 days, he has not asked me what team are we playing or what is the strategy,” Gambhir said.
The team mentor attributed this trust to honesty and accountability, stating that he would be the first to take responsibility if something went wrong. KKR will face Sunrisers Hyderabad in the Qualifier 1 match in Ahmedabad on Tuesday as they continue their quest for the title.
(Inputs from ANI)

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