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‘Had Ravindra Jadeja run straight…’: Kumar Sangakkara explains the law | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Ravindra Jadeja joined a rare group of IPL players by being dismissed for obstructing the field, marking only the third instance in the league’s history during the IPL 2024 match between Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals.
The incident unfolded as a miscommunication between Jadeja and skipper Ruturaj Gaikwad, which led to Jadeja declining a second run despite being halfway down the pitch.

Subsequently, the fielder at third man threw the ball to wicketkeeper Sanju Samson, who targeted the bowler’s end.

The throw struck Jadeja, prompting an appeal from Rajasthan Royals. After review, the third umpire determined that Jadeja was aware of the ball’s trajectory, leading to his dismissal.
When asked about Jadeja’s dismissal, Rajasthan Royals’ Director of Cricket Kumar Sangakkara said that it is how the law works.

“The law says that if a batter changes his direction and gets in the way of the throw, it is considered an obstruction. The rule was changed for the same reason a few years back,” he articulated.
“Even if you are (running) in the middle, and if the ball hits your body, it’s considered out. Had he (Jadeja) run straight on the side where he stopped, it wouldn’t have been a problem at all.”

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