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From Brendon McCullum to Shubman Gill: A century of centuries in IPL | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Shubman Gill‘s remarkable century for Gujarat Titans against Chennai Super Kings not only secured a crucial victory but also marked a historic milestone as the 100th century ever scored in the Indian Premier League.
Gill smashed nine fours and six maximums during his 104 off 55 deliveries. This century marked a celebratory moment in the league’s history, highlighting the progression of young talent in Indian cricket.
In the IPL, a total of 100 centuries have been scored to date.This milestone reflects the high caliber of batting performances in the league. Brendon McCullum etched his name in IPL history by scoring the first century.

His remarkable innings of an unbeaten 158 for KKR against Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) came in the inaugural IPL match in 2008, setting a high standard for the matches to follow.
Among the numerous skilled batsmen in the IPL, Virat Kohli stands out with the most centuries to his name. He has an impressive tally of 8 hundreds, showcasing his consistent performance and dominance in the league.
Kohli’s achievements have not only contributed to his team’s success but also to his reputation as one of the finest batsmen in the world.
The IPL has become a platform for both established and emerging cricketers to display their skills and contribute to the evolving narrative of cricket in India.
With each passing season, the anticipation for more such remarkable innings continues to grow among cricket enthusiasts. The journey from the first century by McCullum to the 100th by Gill encapsulates the essence of the IPL – a blend of experience, youth, and the unrelenting spirit of cricket.

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