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David Warner bows out of Test cricket on his own terms | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: In a week that marks the conclusion of a remarkable 12-year Test career, David Warner, the explosive Australian opener, prepares to exit on his own terms, mirroring the departures of other modern greats at the iconic Sydney Cricket Ground.
Warner, known for his limited-overs shot-making prowess and aggressive style, leaves behind a legacy marked by highs and the notorious low of the ball-tampering scandal in 2018.

Warner, who revolutionized the role of an explosive opener in Test cricket, brought limited-overs flair to the traditional format, setting new standards for quick scoring and aggressive play. Over the years, he evolved into a more seasoned cricketer, with his spot in the Test team considered indispensable until recent uncertainties surrounding his opening partner.

Despite being marred by the ball-tampering incident that tarnished his reputation, particularly in England, Warner’s cricketing feats, especially in India, have established him as a revered figure. His legacy, as he envisions it, is one of authenticity, honesty, and a relentless pursuit of success.

“A boy from a housing commission having a dream,” Warner reflects, emphasizing his authenticity despite not always conforming to traditional molds. Despite the controversies, he remains hungry to contribute in his final Test, eager to continue playing his way, even incorporating T20-style shots.

Born near the SCG, Warner’s journey began as a limited-overs specialist before earning his place in the Test side. His impactful debut came in 2011, and he quickly silenced critics with memorable performances, including a breathtaking 69-ball hundred against India in Perth.

Warner’s career totals include 26 centuries and 8,695 runs at an average of nearly 45 over 111 Tests since his debut against New Zealand in 2011. Beyond the numbers, his journey represents resilience, reinvention, and a commitment to his unique style.
The ball-tampering scandal in South Africa in 2018 cast a dark shadow over Warner’s career. Branded as the mastermind, he faced a year-long ban from top-class cricket and a life ban from holding a leadership role.
Despite the public scrutiny and ramifications, Warner accepted his punishment, using the time away to reconnect with grassroots cricket and cherish moments with his family.
While Warner has never publicly disclosed the full story behind the ball-tampering incident, he remains at peace with the situation.
As he bids farewell to Test cricket against Pakistan, the controversial chapters coexist with the explosive innings, making Warner’s career an indelible part of Australian cricket history.

David Warner takes over the internet by performing Allu Arjun’s famous ‘Pushpa’ hand gesture after scoring a century against Pakistan

(With inputs from Reuters)

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