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WATCH: Batter Gets His Bat Broken And Hits the Stumps But is Saved by a No-Ball in County Cricket

Somerset's, Lewis Goldsworthy has displayed one of cricket's most bizarre mode's of dismissals. (Image: X)

Somerset’s, Lewis Goldsworthy has displayed one of cricket’s most bizarre mode’s of dismissals. (Image: X)

Somerset’s Lewis Goldsworthy was almost dismissed via the most bizarre modes of dismissals cricket might have seen in quite some time.

Cricket has had its fair share of weird dismissals. From obstructing the field to handling the ball, it is not often we get to see such forms of dismissals but this one takes the cake. In the English County Championships, Somerset was up against Kent.

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The young English batter, Lewis Goldsworthy was doing well against the Kent bowlers. But this kind of dismissal is unheard of.

When bowler, Jas Singh went against Lewis, the batter’s bat broke into two pieces and one of the pieces went on to hit the stumps.

But it doesn’t end there, the most surprising thing is that the batter still ended up being not out simply because he was fortunate enough as the bowler had overstepped from the crease thereby making it a no-ball.

Luck was on the side of Lewis due to the bowler overstepping in this case. But to give some clarity on the rules, MCC’s laws state that the wicket is fairly broken, ‘by the striker’s person or by any part of his/her clothing or equipment becoming detached from his/her person. However, any detached equipment shall not include the striker’s protective helmet or any part thereof.”

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Lewis managed to score 122 runs off 203 balls and along with Tom Lammonby who also scored 109 runs helped Somerset reach a good total of 404 runs as Day 3 came to an end.

Somerset is currently in the 6th position of the first Division while Kent is 9th out of 10 teams in the same division.

Kent has been struggling to get some wins this edition and it is clear that they are lacking in the bowling department as well.

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James Rew who plays for Somerset is currently the highest run-scorer in the County Championship with 1087 runs in 10 matches while Jamie Porter of Essex has the most wickets in the tournament with 47 wickets in 11 matches.

Somerset are currently fighting for survival as they look for more points in order to progress up the table.

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