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Rohit Sharma shamelessly defends abusive ‘garden mein’ remark for teammates

Team India’s captain Rohit Sharma has come up with a much-needed explanation for his remarks on asking his players to not walk around casually while fielding in a Test match against England. Rohit made those heated comments during the 2nd of a 5-match Test series against the Three Lions at the ACA-VDCA stadium in Vishakhapatnam.

While speaking in a recent podcast, Rohit Sharma explained thatt his remarks were not intended to hurt anyone and it wasn’t directed to anyone in particular, but rather to everyone. That was a way for him to let his players know that a casual attitude will not be accepted especially when the team is aiming for the win after losing the 1st Test match in Hyderabad by 28 runs. The Indians responded pretty well in the Vizag Test as they claimed victory by 106 runs.

Rohit Sharma says the main thing is to get the job done at all costs

Rohit Sharma, who will not be captaining the Mumbai Indians in this IPL for the first time since 2013, stated that his remarks were a way to let everyone know that they have to get the job done. He claimed that it is very important for the players to understand that if they have a task in hand then they must, by hook or by crook, carry it out perfectly. After all in sports, it’s all about winning regardless of how one achieves it.

And that says a lot about the type of leader he is, someone who puts the needs of his team at utmost priority. Perhaps that is the reason why India were able to stage a fightback after losing the 1st Test and then going on to win the series by 4-1.

Rohit Sharma explained that he will try to persuade his players to not forget their primary objective to claim victory. And if that requires him to make Sarfaraz Khan stand at one position or ask Dhruv Jurel to get one successful stumping, he will do whatever it takes.

“That is this whole thing all about where I am trying to tell them, Ki bhai koi yahe pe ghoomega nahi, but at the end of the day, just try and make sure that you don’t forget the job in hand. You want to make sure that we get the job done,” Rohit Sharma said via Team RO interview. 

“How we do it, I don’t care, but you need to get the job done. So whether it is shouting at them ki koi ghoomega nahi yaha waha, whether it is getting Sarfaraz to stand in one position, or whether me telling (Dhruv) Jurel ki bhai isko aage badhao, stumping nikal ke dikha,” Rohit concluded. 

Rohit Sharma undergoing specialized training before the start of IPL 2024

Meanwhile, Rohit Sharma has started his training in order to prepare well for the upcoming IPL edition which starts from tomorrow. The 36-year-old, as reported earlier today, is undergoing customized training sessions which include match simulation net practice as well as some strength and conditioning. He is doing so in order to arrive at IPL 2024 in the best way possible and so that he starts off well when Mumbai Indians take on Gujarat Titans in their first match on March 24th.

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