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India vs Pakistan Greatest Rivalry in World Cricket Says Ravi Shastri Ahead of Asia Cup 2023 Showdown

India vs Pakistan rivalry 'greatest' in world cricket says Ravi Shastri

India vs Pakistan rivalry ‘greatest’ in world cricket says Ravi Shastri

According to Ravi Shastri, the rivalry between India and Pakistan is the greatest in World Cricket, and Asia Cup 2023 will provide the fixture the ‘grandest’ stage

Anticipation reaches a crescendo as the stage is set at the Asia Cup 2023 for the ‘Greatest Rivalry’ that has long defined cricket history – India versus Pakistan. With fervent cricket enthusiasts worldwide counting down to the highly anticipated showdown on September 2nd from 3.00 pm (IST), Star Sports, the official broadcaster of the Asia Cup 2023, unfurls an emotive and uplifting campaign, illuminating the unparalleled importance of this timeless rivalry.

Commenting on the promo film and the ‘Greatest Rivalry’, Ravi Shastri said, “The Asia Cup 2023 sets the grandest stage for one of cricket’s Greatest Rivalry – India vs Pakistan. The intensity of this rivalry is unparalleled, its roots stretching across decades. It’s a testament to the fact that this clash isn’t just about runs and wickets; it’s about passion, pride, and the unbreakable bond of a nation. As the anticipation builds for the monumental showdown on September 2nd, let us revel in the magic that this rivalry ignites and the journey it sets forth for the ICC World Cup 2023.”

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As the subcontinent giants brace for what promises to be an enthralling tournament, featuring the potential for three riveting matches between India and Pakistan, the scene is set for an unforgettable spectacle at the grand Asia Cup 2023.

Watch India vs Pakistan at the Asia Cup 2023, 2nd September, 3:00 PM onwards, LIVE & Exclusive on Star Sports Network and Disney+ Hotstar

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