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I-League set for hit as AIFF cuts ₹20 crore from competitions’ budget | Football News

Unlike last year’s budget which had a projected deficit of around 2 crore, All India Football Federation (AIFF) has presented one with a surplus of 30 lakh for the next fiscal. But since AIFF’s overall projected income is down by nearly 11 crore from 2023-24, there has been a lot of pruning in expenditure on football activities in the budget passed at AIFF’s annual general meeting on Sunday. HT has a copy.

AIFF Football House in Delhi(AIFF)
AIFF Football House in Delhi(AIFF)

For 2024-25, AIFF slashed nearly 20 crore from its competitions’ budget. What was 62.25 crore in 23-24 will now be 42.84 crore. With expenditure on it cut by 4.02 crore, from 14.20 to 10.18 crore, I-League’s first division will face a significant hit.

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Barring Santosh Trophy and the age-specific Khelo India girls’ leagues, there will be reduced spending on all AIFF tournaments. From 3.26 crore spent on the I-League second division, AIFF has allocated 1.69 crore this term. From 4.50 crore allotted in 23-24, only 1 crore has been earmarked for international friendlies.

The total spend on the men’s national team remains almost the same, 21.50 crore in 23-24 to 21.51 crore this year, but preparatory camps and tournaments have got an increased allocation of 1.33 crore. However, nothing has been earmarked for the men’s under-23 team and amounts for the under-20 and under-17 have been slashed. In the year of the Asian under-17 qualifiers, the budget for that age-specific team has been reduced from 4.42 crore to 2.11 crore.

The amount set aside for camps and tournaments for the senior women’s team will see a nearly three-fold increase, from 3 crore to 8.27 crore but for the under-20 and under-17 national teams, spending will be reduced.

And while salaries for the men’s team staff has increased from 8.90 crore to 11.21 crore, the budget for the staff of the women’s team has been cut from 3 crore to 1.82 crore.

Even after increase in grants from FIFA ( 21.16 crore from 16.21 crore) and Asian Football Confederation ( 10.91 crore from 9.10 crore), AIFF’s projected income has come down from 132.31 crore to 121.38 crore. Reduction of government grants by 9 crore is one reason. AIFF’s projected income is 121.38 crore.

Despite cuts almost everywhere –scouting ( 40 lakh from 1 crore) and grassroots development and courses ( 22 lakh from 1 crore), assistance to states ( 8.64 crore to 8.16 crore) – general administration will see an increased allocation of 77 lakh, from 7.73 crore to 8.50 crore. Budget for legal and compliances too has gone up from 1.20 crore to 1.80 crore. And while the business and marketing budget has been trimmed to 2.74 crore from 4.85 crore, its sub-head of “media, communications and PR will see an increase of 99 lakh, to 2.49 crore from 1.50 crore.

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