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Gautam Gambhir: ‘Please never leave us, sir’: KKR fan’s emotional plea to Gautam Gambhir – Watch | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: The return of Gautam Gambhir to the Kolkata Knight Riders has ignited a wave of nostalgia and heartfelt emotions among the team’s devoted fans.
Gambhir, a cornerstone of KKR’s success in the Indian Premier League, received a poignant message from a passionate supporter during a recent KKR event, encapsulating the deep bond between player and fans.
“I’m one of your biggest fans. Just want to say, aap hamein chhod kar aur mat jaaiye.Aap ke jaane se humein jitna takleef hua hai, woh hum aapko samjha nahi sakte hai [We can’t tell you how hurt we were when you left]. I want to dedicate a Bengali song to you: ‘Tomaye hrid majhar rakhbo, chede debo na. Chere dile sonar gour aar toh paabona.’ You are my heart; we keep you in our hearts. Please never leave us, don’t hurt us. Please, sir, please!,” the fan expressed, his words laden with emotion and sincerity, in a video shared by the IPL team on its social media handle..

Another individual, seemingly the host, conveyed the sentiment behind the fan’s message to Gambhir, explaining, “He sang a line from a song which basically means, I will keep you right here [heart]; I won’t leave you. I think that’s the sentiment that everyone has.”
Touched by the overwhelming display of affection, Gambhir graciously acknowledged the fan’s plea, conveying his gratitude for the unwavering support.
His return to KKR, this time in the role of a mentor, symbolizes a homecoming for both player and fans, reigniting hopes and aspirations for further glory in the IPL.

Working alongside head coach Chandrakant Pandit, Gambhir’s influence has already been felt, with strategic decisions yielding positive results on the field. The reinstatement of Sunil Narine as the opener, under Gambhir’s guidance, has proven to be a masterstroke, propelling KKR to new heights in the tournament.
As KKR continue their pursuit of IPL success, Gambhir’s presence serves as a source of inspiration and reassurance for the team and its supporters alike.

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