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BCCI to introduce groundbreaking Smart Replay System in IPL 2024

The BCCI is set to introduce a Smart Replay System for accurate reviews in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024. As per the reports in ESPNCricinfo, it is learned that the TV umpires will be in the same room as Hawk-Eye operators so that the decision-making process gets faster.

The TV umpire will be receiving inputs directly from two Hawk-Eye operators and there will be more split screens and better frame rates, which will allow the official to focus more. According to this Smart Replay System, the TV broadcast director will not be part of the system anymore.

It is learned that the Smart Replay System will provide luxury to the umpire to see visuals that he previously didn’t have, including split-screen images. For example, during the relay catch which is taken mid-air by the first fielder on the boundary rope, the new system will now officially see when the ball was caught, or released, alongside synchronized footage of the feet. Earlier, it wasn’t the case.

The IPL 2024 will also see the umpire having a split screen for the overthrow, allowing the official to see whether batters had crossed or not when the fielder released the ball. Earlier the umpire didn’t have the luxury and had to check to different screens to determine the same.

During the stumping dismissals, the Smart Review System will see umpires asking the Hawk-Eye operators to show the split screen. If there is a visible gap between bat and ball, the umpire won’t be asking for UltraEdge and directly proceed to check the stumping.

The umpires will also be getting tri-vision for the stumpings in the IPL 2024. Earlier, there were only side-on cameras as well as from front-on in a single frame. The front-on cameras will be of the same use but what will be the difference is they will be using Hawk-Eye cameras which record at approximately 300 frames per second, allowing decisions to be taken quickly.

The Smart Review System is also likely to put an end to the fuss over the catches taken just about the turfs. The System will provide the umpire with a single frame straightaway with images from front-on and side-on angles. The TV umpire can then choose to zoom in from a particular angle.

Conversations between the TV umpire and the Hawk-Eye operator to be aired live during the IPL 2024

The reports also claimed that the Smart Review System during the IPL 2024 will see conversations between the TV umpire and the Hawk-Eye operator to be aired live. This allowed fans to understand the thought process behind decisions.

The new system will also see umpires asking for UltraEdge only if the ball is close to the bat. If there will be a gap he will then move to check ball tracking. In the process, if the Hawk-Eye operator spots the ball is pitching outside leg, he will tell the TV umpire immediately and they will then prioritize ball tracking.

The reports also claimed that BCCI held a two-day workshop for the 15 umpires, comprising both Indian and overseas umpires to understand the dynamics of the Smart Replay System for the smooth conduct in IPL 2024 which starts on March 22.

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