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‘Actions Detrimental’: Nevada Litfin Suspended Five Months By HIWU – Horse Racing News


Nevada Litfin

The Horseracing Integrity & Welfare Unit has suspended trainer Nevada Litfin for a total of five months and issued him a $3,500 fine, according to a ruling posted to the public disclosures section of the HIWU website.

The ruling cites the following violations on the date of Aug. 16, in regards to the horse Dominus Tecum:

  • Rule 3313–Use or Attempted Use of a Controlled Medication Method and/or Controlled Medication Substance during the Race Period;
  • Rule 3315(a)–Administration or Attempted Administration of a Controlled Medication Method and/or Controlled Medication Substance during the Race Period;
  • Rule 3327(b)–Aggravating Circumstances;
  • Rule 4220–Controlled Medication Method;
  • Rule 4212–Controlled Medication Substances Prohibited During the Race Period – Acetylcysteine (Class C) and Furosemide (Class C); and
  • Rule 2230–Possession of a Hypodermic Needle/Syringe.

The violations resulted in a three-month period of ineligibility, a $3,500 fine, and the assessment of 9 Penalty Points. The penalty points resulted in a further 60-day suspension.

On Aug. 16, 2023, Litfin was observed by Minnesota Racing Commission security officers engaging in “actions detrimental to the integrity of racing,” a ruling on the MRC website alleges. That ruling included a summary suspension and cited the following MRC rules:

  • 7897.0100 (Prohibited Acts) Subp. 7. Cooperation with Security Officers.
  • 7897.0100 (Prohibited Acts) Subp. 17 A. Hypodermic equipment and injectable substances prohibited.
  • 7897.0100 (Prohibited Acts) Subp. 20. Possession, administration to, or presence in a horse of a prohibited drug, substance, medication or metabolites, biological product, growth hormone, hormone releasing, venom, or synthetic analog of venom.

No updated ruling has been issued by the Minnesota commission.

Litfin had already surpassed his best year by earnings and his 21 victories from 139 starts  in 2023 equaled his highest number of wins. At the time of the ruling, he was tied for sixth by wins in the Canterbury Park trainer standings.

Horses Litfin had entered prior to the summary suspension were listed as stewards scratches.

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